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Message from the Founder

My name is Latifa, the Founder of Hammam Spa, and I invite you to indulge in the authentic Moroccan Hammam experience.
Drawing from my upbringing in Morocco, I have firsthand knowledge of the transformative power of Hammam Spa rituals.

In Morocco, Hammam baths are a cherished tradition, where the journey begins with a steam shower or bath infused with exclusive natural ingredients sourced solely from Morocco. At Hammam Spa, we pride ourselves on using 100% natural products, including the renowned Argan Oil. Derived from the Argan tree, which thrives only in Morocco, this oil has been cherished by Moroccans for centuries for its incredible benefits.

Another essential ingredient we incorporate is Moroccan Black Soap, also known as “Beldi.” This soap is a pure plant-based product crafted from olive oil pulp, enriched with vitamin E, and renowned for its remarkable properties as an emollient, exfoliator, and moisturizer.

Our Moroccan Spa revolves around these exceptional natural elements. To fully immerse yourself in the Hammam Spa experience, apply the black soap to your wet body and allow it to work its magic for 5 to 10 minutes. As you rinse, gently exfoliate with our “Kessa” glove, witnessing the removal of dead skin cells. Follow with a delicate wash using our luxurious Argan soap and complete the ritual with our Argan lotion, leaving your skin feeling invigorated, smooth, and silky.

Additionally, we offer a delightful facial treatment using all-natural Moroccan Red Clay. Once you experience this facial, you will never settle for anything less.

While many spas across the country charge exorbitant prices upwards of $300 for a basic Hammam treatment, we aim to offer this remarkable experience at a more accessible cost, without compromising on value or the delight it brings. My ultimate goal is to make Hammam Spa one of the most unforgettable spa experiences in your life.

Thank you for your time, and I eagerly await the opportunity to welcome you to our Hammam Spa.

What We Do

For spa treatments in Houston, TX, come to Moroccan Hammam Spa. Our luxury spa began in 2013 with an idea born out of Morocco.

Morocco for thousands of years has been using natural products that are naturally healthy to the body and the skin in particular. Argan oil is one of those key ingredients, along with the Moroccan black soap, and lastly, the red clay found in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

In Morocco, there are Hammam baths. The experience starts with a steam shower or bath. All-natural Argan black soap is applied over the whole body while wet and let set for 5 to 10 minutes. After rinsing, you are scrubbed with a “Keesa” exfoliating glove. You will see the dead skin cells peel away. You will then wash lightly with our all-natural Argan soap. We will finish with an application of a special Argan body lotion. Leaving an exhilarating feeling and a smooth silky finish.


Our facility is fashioned after the Moroccan tradition. Our private treatment rooms are equipped with its own spa tub or shower. Each room has a treatment table. You can relax in privacy without leaving your treatment room. When your treatment is finished you can choose to relax in our spacious lounge, and enjoy a cup of our Moroccan tea. Come enjoy our spa treatments in Houston.

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Testimonials & Awards

Tonight was the first time I went to the Hammam Spa and I absolutely LOVED it! All the products are natural, smell lovely, and my skin has never felt better. My skin has never been this smooth and glowing! A must try for anyone wanting soft skin, relaxing atmosphere, and a cultural experience. They have a basket that can be purchased that has EVERYTHING to take home! 5 stars… loved it.

Lili KatyTX

I had heard about the benefits of Argan oil and black soap and decided to try the Morrocan hammam treatment that uses these products. The full body/facial exfoliation was like no other. I would highly recommend this spa to both men and women! The owner and staff are extremely knowledgeable, kind, and truly understand the art of excellent customer service! The spa is extremely inviting and beautifully decorated. If you want to be pampered and experience a relaxing skin revival, Hammam Spa is the place to go!